We started using Kirk from Smart Learner, to tutor our son in Algebra 2, a few months ago.  It has made a tremendous difference for him.  Kirk is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious.  My son and him immediately connected, which made all the difference.

 Kirk is easy to talk to and has a very likable personality.  He gets right down to business and works hard.  Kirk comes prepared and makes sure my son is ready for his upcoming quizzes/ tests.  You can tell he really cares.  My son's grades are up and he has more confidence in his math skills, since Kirk started tutoring him.  We couldn't be happier with Smart Learner.  We would highly recommend.

- Allyse W. 

What they've learned  

Being a physical therapy major some of the courses were extremely difficult. I received tutoring for some of those courses especially pathology courses and it helped improve my gpa tremendously. I love how the tutors simplify the material so the students can understand and then build on that knowledge. I can attest that this is one of the best companies. I highly recommend them. They won't disappoint!

- Suri